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  • Ice hockey without the ice

  • Lightweight ball, lightweight sticks, unlimited subs = a VERY fast game

Welcome to West Coast Floorball

What is Floorball?

Floorball is a fast, inexpensive, and exciting sport that resembles indoor hockey but incorporates rules of play that promote safety for all players.

Floorball uses specialized sticks and a light weight wiffle ball and can be played on any flat surface like inside a gym, outdoors on the street, or at community courts.

Floorball is an emerging sport in Canada and is governed by a national organization called Floorball Canada ... endorsed by Hockey Canada and the Olympic Committee.


Why Floorball?

In poverty-effected parts of Canada, children do not have access to extra-curricular sports due to the high cost of participation. Surrey and Langley are communities where thousands of children are at risk of joining gang activities and suffering the violence that goes along with the lifestyle.

Adverse behaviors often stem from 'unspent' energy, peer pressure to misbehave, or hostility because of the lack of appropriate adult attention.

Meet Our Coaches


Mary Doe


Patrick Pool

Our Objectives

Prime objective

Floorball Hockey introduces underprivileged children and their financially challenged parents the opportunity to provide their children with a low impact, low cost sport which allows children to participate in a sport all year, stay active, and play anywhere, anytime.

Initial target

10 inner city schools

Low budget

QFloorball Hockey runs on a budget of $1,750.00 per school.

Good for Health

Floorball is diversified and benefits all genders and age groups from "minutes to learn, and years to master".

Ice hockey without the ice

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